• Attend Regularly on Sunday Morning at 10:00. This will give you a chance to experience the body of Christ as a whole and grow under the teaching of His Word.
  • Read the Bible. This is a vital part of your personal growth, especially in a world where we are constantly fed the beliefs of this world. If you want a reading plan go to our Resources to see what is available for you.
  • Pray throughout the day. A continual connection to our God is very important as we go through this tough life. He will help us maintain balance and proper perspectives in this life.

  • Get Baptized. This is an outward physical picture of what has taken place in your life when you gave your life to God and asked him to be your Savior.
  • Give Regularly. The plea for giving has been abused by many “ministries”. Here at CrossPointe, we want you to know that we use the funds to move our mission forward to reach the world. As a fully devoted follower – Christ desires us to give as an act of worship to remind us of all he has given us.
  • Become a Member. This is the step to take to show you are fully following our mission statement, and you want to make a deeper commitment to this body of Christ to serve and give to advance this mission.