The Mission Statement of CrossPointe is to Glorify God by Making Disciples.

As we pursue this mission, God has given CrossPointe a Vision.


vision diagram








Our vision to become an Acts 2:42-47 church to local families. For us to be successful in reaching this vision, we recognize that there are 5 pillars that must be developed and maintained for us to be effective.


1. Prayer

Our desire at CrossPointe is to see the importance and power of prayer in our lives and ministry. To have a dependence on God and to live by faith is the walk of the believer, and prayer is pillar that promotes that in our lives. Some of our goals are to see people praying spontaneously for one another, to see it as a natural response and discipline in our lives, and to celebrate answered prayer. This pillar will be taught and practiced in our kids, teens, and adult ministries.

2. Worship

Our desire is to see Worship at CrossPointe as the believer’s response with all that they are: mind, heart, emotion, will and body to all that God says, is and does. Our goal is to see the body desiring to gather together to participate in giving God His worth by interacting and responding to Him through His Word, through offering praise, through giving, and personal testimonies, and then living out that response in our everyday lives. This would mean that the people of CrossPointe would desire to share what God is doing in their lives with others. It also means that they would willingly give of their time, energy and resources to advance the Kingdom of God, for the will recognize that this life is not about them, but about God and what he is doing.

3. Instruction

Our desire is to see people corporately, in small groups, and individually mature through Biblical instruction, worship, and spiritual gift development to be true Biblical disciples who in turn reach out to others to follow the same life pattern. Our goal is to see people at CrossPointe be faithful, available, and teachable in their lives, as they respond to the teaching of God’s Word at the different ministries offered at CrossPointe.

4. Community

Our desire is to see God’s people connecting and loving each other by living out the “one another’s” in scripture. To do this we will create times and events where people can experience interaction with each other ranging from fun events to structured times where true Biblical accountability takes place. Our goal is to see people at CrossPointe loving to talk about their true love – God, and sharing what they have with those in need within our local community.

5. Outreach

Our desire is to reach the unsaved where they are and to bring them to Christ. We will do this by using creative, ever changing methods to reach groups and individuals for the purpose of leading them to Christ, both corporately and personally. Our goals include, seeing people in our Pointe Groups have a target person that God has laid on their heart to reach, to see kids and teens come to Christ through our ministries, and to see at least 20% of our budget go to missions by 2013.