In Pointe 45, the 4th and 5th grade group, we take a deeper look at some familiar stories in the Bible. We believe that in order to understand a story or book, one must start at the beginning. The Bible is God’s Story, and is no different. By the time your children are 5th graders they will have gone through the entire Bible, looking at main events in God’s Story. We hope that during their time in Pointe 45 your kids continue to gain knowledge and understanding of the Bible, see how they are a part of God’s Big Story, and continue to develop their faith in God.

During the school year (September through May), your kids will go through several 4-week series covering main events and characters that occur from the beginning through the end of the Bible. But God’s story doesn’t end there. Each week, there will be a “Bottom Line” that helps connect a truth found in the lesson that they can apply to their lives. Some weeks there are challenges that the kids will be asked to complete, and the next week the kids will be asked how their weeks went, and if they tried to complete the challenge. All topics and Bottom Lines are posted to our Facebook page. (Check it out here!) Questions, challenges, activities, and other information will also be posted to the page.

In the summer (June-August), Kid’s Alive and part of Pointe 45 combine for a large group lesson. The lesson style is slightly different than the school year, and is suited for a variety of elementary ages.

We look forward to seeing you and your kids on Sunday!