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At CrossPointe, our desire is for your children to develop in their knowledge of God and His Word. We believe that it is important for parents to be involved with this, so we strive to partner with you in order to help kids develop and embrace their faith in Jesus for life. Each week, the kids are dismissed from the service to head back to their rooms, where they sing a few songs, play games, and are taught a “Bottom Line” or “Truth” that they can implement in their lives. Each of our groups is specifically tailored to meet kids where they are developmentally.

The safety of your children is extremely important to us. Our volunteers have had background checks and follow CrossPointe’s guidelines for helping out in Pointe Kids. In addition, we have a check-in/check-out system to aid us in keeping your kids safe.

Upon entering the building, just outside the Pointe Kids wing is a check-in station. Kids will receive a sticky nametag with their name on it, what group they are in, and a unique code that matches a claim sticker that the parent receives. After checking in, parents and kids can go to the main service, where the kids will be dismissed directly before the message. After the service ends, parents go to the Pointe Kids wing and pick up their kids by showing the claim sticker that matches their child’s nametag.

During the time at Pointe Kids, photos and/or videos may be taken of your child(ren). If you would not like pictures or videos taken of your child(ren), please contact our Kid’s Ministry Director, Erik Johnson, or Ed Scruggs, with your child’s name and the reason for your concern. Photos may be uploaded to Social Media Sites, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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