Pointe Group green logoOur desire is to be a church of small groups (which we call Pointe Groups). According to Acts 2:42-47, the early church met in the temple courts and in homes. It was in those homes they experienced authentic relationships. That is the purpose of our Pointe Groups. We want to challenge each other through the word, to be authentic, honest, and accountable. Pointe Groups also serve to promote our purpose as a church.

Pointe Groups is our small group ministry where we do life together.  In these groups you will experience community, care, and teaching.  We will have a teaching time, a time of giving praise and testimony, and a time of prayer.  At CrossPointe we don’t just want to learn about the Bible, we want to live it out in our life.  We don’t want to do church, we want to be the church, and we believe that our small group ministry is the key to accomplish this goal.  You will leave being encouraged to walk in faith and connected to others.

If you want to be connected to the body at CrossPointe, you must be involved in a Pointe Group.  So come and enjoy the services, but realize the Acts 2 experience is in our Pointe Groups, so expect to be lovingly pushed toward this as you attend.

We want to invite you to join one of our small groups and be a part of this body!  Contact Bob Here

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